Two Years of Putting Butter in my Coffee

Consistently for the past two years, I have had a cup of coffee every morning. While everyone I know has been putting cream and sugar into their morning nectar, I add two very different ingredients. Unsalted butter and coconut oil. I’ll start by telling you that I think it’s great! Obviously… I have been doing it for two years and that’s a long time to do something that you hate. I mean it’s really great. I have been having it everyday for two years. So let me tell you the story behind it.

How I Got Started

The idea came from a podcast that I listen to and a website I visit run by the ‘biohacker’ Dave Asprey. (His podcast is ‘Bulletproof Radio‘ and website is The Bulletproof Exec) He has popularized the drink commonly known as Bulletproof Coffee where he uses his bulletproof upgraded coffee beans, grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. Instead, I use Starbucks beans, Dairyland butter, and Nature’s Way MCT oil, overall same same. He boasts the effects of this coffee boost energy and cognitive function. Thinking I this sounds good I gave it a try.

The First Cups

Butter in coffee… Ewwww… Right? If you think about it butter is just cream. Everyone puts cream in their coffee. That’s exactly what it ends up looking like. Giving your coffee the look of a coffee with cream in it, and tastes much the same. So I was able to get over that. Coconut oil??? It’s oil.. yuck. A solid chunk (then I used solid cooking coconut oil) of white paste. Together with the butter in the blender there was a white paste on top of a yellow chunk of butter. I added the coffee and started the blender. The result was a liquid that looked like a coffee with cream, and to me tasted just as good.

The Immediate Life Changing Results

Before I started my butter coffee this is what my day looked like. As, I wasn’t a morning person I rarely got up early enough to make breakfast or to prepare a lunch for the day. After skipping breakfast, lunch time would come and I was always very hungry. I would eat whatever I had for grabbed for lunch and then 2 hours later I would hit that 2 o’clock crash. This crash would result in me grabbing another coffee to see me through the rest of the day. Now insert butter coffee in the morning. Lunch time would come and now I wasn’t hungry. At all. Because of this I eat much less or not at all. (Which I learned later is part of intermittent fasting which is a topic on its own) Because I wasn’t eating as much at lunch I have the 2 o’clock crash, that normally made me reach for another coffee. Because I wasn’t having the late coffee and eating as much, I was healthier and sleeping better.

The Long Term Life Changing Results

Now, two years later, I can tell you that it Dave (The bulletproof guy) was right. I do have more energy and more cognitive function. My brain is clearer than it every has been and I have more energy than I have ever had in my life. This is led me to learn about the effect that sugar and fats have on the body. Insulin and it’s effects on energy and weight. It has triggered many questions that I felt that I had to answer about my own body. I have lost about 40 lbs. Overall, I am in the best shape of my adult life.

Disclaimer: What it the chicken or the egg?

I can’t tell you if this one drink alone is responsible for the change in my life. It was about the same time that I started exercising much more often and eating much healthier. So did this one drink change my eating and sleeping habits enough to give me the energy to exercise to feel better, or did I do all those other things all by myself, and putting butter and coconut oil in my coffee is a silly thing that I do that is completely unrelated?

I don’t know for sure.

I do know that tomorrow I am going to put butter and coconut oil in a blender with coffee.

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