Transistion from Coach to Triathlete

Lots of the things going on right now and I wanted to put them to paper, or keyboard, or internet, whatever, you are reading this so you know what’s going on. Anyways, I seem to be in a transitory period where many things are ending and beginning at the same time.

The End of Coaching Volleyball

The 2016 school season has ended and I have decided that I am not going to coach the Sr. Girls in 2017. In addition to this I will not be taking a coaching role in the upcoming club season, so I am effectively retiring from coaching. The largest reason is that I want to re-appropriate that time to training for triathlon. It’s selfish, I know. But I am not getting any younger and I want to be able to compete and push my body to new limits while I still can. Build a base of health for the many years to come. Actually I just like it and want to spend time swimming, cycling and running cause I like it. So judge not, lest ye be beating me in Ironman.

The End of Television

Ok. I still own a television, and there is one in my ‘room of self-development where I do my blogging, stretching, cycling training, yoga and meditating, but it is firmly on “the spa’ music station. I tried getting rid of the cable all together, but my wife and kids sat me down and gave me a stern talking to. So I still get television, but I haven’t watched it in some time. The Big Bang Theory, Lucifer and the Walking Dead will be missed. But as that is 3 hours per week I will not get back and doesn’t aid one iota of self-development I can’t have any of that. You know, cause I’m an all or nothing kind of guy.

The End of the Computer.

In the off-chance that my PC would spawn judgement day, and the rise to the machines, I decided it best to take a hammer to my laptop to save mankind and any further Terminator movies. Only a little true. I did take a hammer to the computer, but only to the hard drive after it had failed so that personal information could never be retrieved from it. And while it was in no danger of launching Skynet, it did take another large part of my week from me for mindless web-surfing.

The Beginning of Yoga, Meditation and Journaling

While I did meditate and journal, and very rarely did any yoga, now I find myself with absolutely nothing to do and no easy mind-numbing way to waste time. I have started journaling nearly twice a day. Meditating at least once a day, and doing a form of Yoga or at least some simple stretching at least twice a day. I see those people move and bend that are good at yoga and I really want to be able to move like that. Progress is sooooo slow, but everything in life worth having takes time and effort to achieve right.

Blogging…. not the beginning but hopefully more often.

I like sharing my thoughts on here. Though right now I know that only Justin and my Parents read this. I journal so much that I struggle with what to write. Everything? The Highlights? Drop a comment and let me know what you like, otherwise you get whatever I feel like at that moment, which is a scary thought…. especially in the off-season… want to know about my funky toenail? And you are probably wondering how I am writing this if I don’t have a computer. I blew off the dust of an old handy-dandy bluetooth keyboard, and using the screen of my iPhone. It’s painful, but it works just the same.

Beginning (again) on the Ketogenic Diet

Now I have gone on and off of this for the past 3 years, but with all this extra time that I have I don’t see any excuse that I cannot follow it. I would seriously like to get to an optimal running weight before the snow melts in the spring so when I ramp up my training I am not fighting an extra 30 pounds.

Starting (again) Training for Triathlon

I have done absolutely zero training over the last 3 months that I have been coaching. Now I can get back to it guilt free. Expect to see me on the roads, and at the Rec Center again doing laps, or sweating on the bike. Back to the pool to try to improve my swim stroke. I would appreciate it if you told all your friend to try to avoid running me over on the highway.

Well that’s it. Hopefully in a month or two I will be able to tell you how things are going and what has stuck and what hasn’t. Maybe Netflix and Cheetos will grab me with its sticky little fingers and entice me to waste much of the Christmas season finding out if Breaking Bad or Lost is as good as everyone seems to think it is. Maybe I’ll have a six-pack and travel to warmer climates to race during our winter? Likely, and hopefully it will be something in the middle.


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  1. Well, I’m sure that your girls are going to be sad to see you gone, but it is for your best interest. I really do envy your commitment to helping yourself and making your time useful! Every time I read these I get motivated to do something and then see ice cream in the fridge and a nice comfy couch calling with a new Netflix season to watch. (Wentworth is killer!!!!)
    Keep up the positivity and write away. Maybe hold out on the funky toe nails unless they are really knarley!!

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