Training Update. The mediocre, the terrible, the grey hair

Finally almost completely healthy from the stupid sickness that decided to make me a home for the last 3 weeks. Training didn’t go well though it, but I was able to get some in. January also brought the opportunity for a promotion at work, that I didn’t get. 🙁 Worst of all, my hair has decided to channel more Gandalf and less Frodo.

Training has actually been OK considering how ill I have been feeling. For the most part I’ve been able to get out and do some, though it isn’t pretty. You know that uncoordinated feeling when you go to do something that you haven’t done in awhile. That is what swimming feels like right now. I feel like I swim with the same form as a newborn giraffe. Just limbs going everywhere. Then there is cycling. No form to really mess up, I mean my feet are connected to pedals that can only go in circles. But now I have many numbers that I can look at. In short, my heart rate says that I am trying to sprint to the finish, while my speed says “are you even pedalling?”

Then there are the runs. (Haha the feet kind not the toilet kind.) My running has taken the only backwards step it ever has in training, and it took a full minute per kilometer slower than it was. To put it in perspective, I am not sure that I could beat myself from three years ago in a race right now. I am running slower than a ‘never trained for running and 250lbs Clarke.’ Now I run like a newborn three legged athsmatic giraffe with polio.

Finally, I cannot, in good conscious post something to the internet without adding this little tidbit with what is going on around me.

“Your skin colour, gender, and faith do not define you. What defines you is how you react to others because of these things.”