Starting (and stopping) the New Training Program

The first half of January have been filled with the best intentions. Kinda like promising not to talk about politics with your family members over the Christmas meal. But just like you half-drunk father-in-law, the best intentions go out the window.

I got a coach, a training plan, and now it was time to execute. Day 1, done. No problem. Day 2 was crushed. Day 3… oh how like a cat with a ball of yarn, things unravel so quickly.

Day 3 involved going to work. Easy enough.
At work I get a call that I have been selected for an interview for a promotion. An interview that will happen in 5 days. Now I am at work and I am excited.
Run home to get changed to drive to the pool to get in my first pool workout….
I haven’t swam since the Calgary 70.3, so cardio while floating horizontally in water caused me to feel more than a little light headed. 3/4 workout done, skip the cool down to avoid being the guy that vomits in the swimming pool.
I went to get some food and took it home to enjoy with my family.
Run again out the door to get the 30min easy bike ride. It is now. 8 o’clock PM. Get off the bike to get onto the volleyball court for league game. Play for 2 hours until 10pm.
Good friend Brianne from volleyball team is moving away and must have drinks with volleyball team after as a send off. Go to bed 3 beer heavier at 12:30am which is now a full 4 hours past my regular bedtime.
Job interview + vomit at the pool + cycling until volleyball+ 2 hours of volleyball + social with team + 3 beer + go to bed late = Overdone.

Overdone turned into the next day being a drag my ass kinda day which was then followed by two days of being so sick.
Monday I took off work, so I could jack myself up on enough drunks to pass for normal during my interview on Tuesday. Wednesday was full of meetings, and Thursday I was on days off.

I haven’t trained since that Thursday, and today was the first day that I have felt good enough for just a 30min easy run at the gym.

The moral of the story. You are going to argue about politics, but go to bed in time so that your can train the next day.

Oh, I got two massages on my days off and they were wonderful!
Highly recommend.
That’s going to be another story.