You a fan of all this? Here are some links to my favorite people and inspiration in the sport. You should go check them out. Basically, I endorse all of these 100% and they don’t pay me.

It is almost cheating that you get a list of people this good and it has taken me years to find all of them.

Endurance Planet Tawnee and Lucho know more about endurance than any other THREE people put together.

Marathon Training Academy Trevor and Angie are awesome. They feel like my best running friends ever.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon Brett is a coach and a triathlete. Listening to his podcast is like constantly getting good advice from the best athlete you know.

Tri Run Twin Mom An amateur triathlete like me, she has twins like me, so if you like my posts and want a more feminine version check her out.

Triboutique If I am going to shop online for anything in triathlon, I go here. Competitive pricing, excellent shipping, great selection. It’s in my favorites bar

DC Rainmaker Another triathlete who focus his LIFE on checking out and giving reviews on the latest gadgets for sports. You are thinking about buying anything for sports with a battery, listen to him.

Trispecific #AllergictoAverage coaches who want you to succeed in triathlon. They’re awesome.

IM talk You want to know about Ironman triathlon, they know about ironman triathlon.

TrainingPeaks They are the best database I have found for logging training and training plans. #ResultsStartHere

The Bulletproof Exec Dave Asprey is the original biohacker who popularized Bulletproof coffee. Now he works on optimizing every aspect of his life and sharing that information with others.