I See Dead People???

Do you remember the Bruce Willis movie where the kid says “I see dead people.” Remember how at the end you find out that Bruce Willis’ character was actually dead, and it changed how you perceived everything in that movie up to that point? I had a full on one of those in my life. No, I am not saying that I see dead people. I am saying I have just had a moment in my life that has changed everything. It is as dramatic as it sounds. It’s season finale of survivor dramatic, overtime of game seven of the stanley cup finals, bottom of the ninth down by one, one on base dramatic. Now the difference is that now rather than see things from the perspective of the spectator in the front row seat, I am the survivor, I am goalie, I am at bat.

It’s really crazy.

What happened to cause such a thing? My wife of 10 years and I have split. Now the everyday things that I have taken for granted are gone. Everything is different, and it’s great. It’s not great great, it’s different, and that’s great. The best I can explain it is like this. Imagine you are asleep having a fantastic dream, the best one you have every had, doing a wonderful thing. And then you wake up to coffee, breakfast, people that love you and realize that as great as that dream was, reality is so much sweeter. I was living the dream, and now I have awoken to something sweeter.

It’s not all roses and butterflies.

Divorce isn’t a fun thing. There is a reason that it is not a ride at a theme park. Imagine going to six flags adventure park on the ‘Divorce’ ride. It would be a roller-coaster, with many ups and downs. You get on, and right away your best friend gets thrown off the ride, you’re definitely going to throw up, you are going to lose your wallet on the ride, it will scare the poop out of you, and when you are done they take half of the stuff you won while you were at the theme park. Funny, not funny. But really think of it like a ride at a theme park. Weather you go fast, up and down, they all nearly make you throw up, and scare the crap out of you. But at the end of it all, you come out fine, and more excited. And just like a theme park ride, I know that I am going live and be fine, but it also does mean that I want ride to be over so I can get off and continue on with my day.

What do you mean I’m single?

Yep, I am single now. When I was 20 that really didn’t mean anything different. Now that I am in my 30’s, it is a weird thing. The dating pool could use a little chlorine if you know what I mean. When I was in my 20’s I had a few pimples and had the world in my hands. Now I still have a few pimples, only I have inherited grey hair, 3 kids and a sore back. What a catch…. What can I possibly offer someone new other than a nearly unlimited supply of Advil? The last time I was single everyone had the world in front of them. All I have got is a mid-life crisis to look forward to. What can I offer a woman now?? “Willing to drive you to doctors appointments.” That should be my line on online dating.

Yep, online dating.

I remember what online dating when I was 20. You could sort through profiles upon profiles finding people likes and dreams. Now…. swipe left or swipe right. I would doubt that every person get more than one secone (ONE SECOND) of consideration before a swipe left or right. Smart? Likes triathlon? Has kids? These are all big parts of my life that I can’t convey in a profile picure. (I imagine sitting on my bike, reading a textbook with my nerdy glasses with my kids around me.) Swipe left swipe right. Left. Left. Right. Left. Right. Right. Whoops didn’t mean to do that, no takey backsies. Hope they weren’t the one, or hope they don’t like me back…..

Isn’t this blog supposed to be about triathlon?

Yes. So…. swim bike run.. blah blah blah. Right now that’s about as big of a priority as reporting on how soft the red carpet is at the oscars… I still don’t swim as much as I should. I bike like the wind. I run worse than a baby giraffe.

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  1. I don’t think this blog should be about anything other than what you have on your mind at any given time! If it’s about triathalon stuff, a good movie, how ur kids are doing, or whatever.
    And as for the training, baby giraffes are pretty quick so I’m sure ur doing just fine!
    Keep up the positive attitude, when u get off this ride, there is always a line up for the next, so get as much out of it as u can for there may be a wait for the next!

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