About Me

My name is Clarke Gagnon and I’m…. just like you.

I have a job, I have a wife, I have 3 children. But I also like to coach volleyball and I am training to compete in the full distance Ironman triathlon. When you put this all together you get an average person/motivational speaker/triathlete with a life that you can relate to. It’s like the written version of reality television.

The goal is to share the really funny stories of training for one of the hardest endurance events on the planet. Where my goal isn’t to win, just to finish. So then we can all have a laugh together at my expense.

Also to share the things that have motivated me in life that I also use to motivate the athletes I coach and that can also be used to motivate you. Because if it works for me and I am just like you, it might work for you.

Questions? Anything you want to know? Let me know and I can add it to this anytime.

I’m looking forward to talking to anyone, anytime.